How to co-construct solutions for sustainable food security and health?

With a large scientific community ranging from production to health, the KIM Food & Health and its partners MUSE, INRAE, CIRAD, CIHEAM of Montpellier, CNRS, Agropolis International and the Unesco Chair Food of the World, propose an international seminar "Food Systems in the Mediterranean and Africa".

The KIM Food & Health of MUSE ("Montpellier University of Excellence") is a device whose aim is to bring together the two communities "Agro" and "Health" of Montpellier to structure an original ecosystem of research, training and development in the nexus agri-(aqua)culture-environment-health. The objective of this KIM is to better support food and health policies and to contribute to the competitiveness of companies.

Our objective

To strengthen MUSE partnerships in the Mediterranean and Africa, and to co-construct future projects on food systems.

Target audience

Research institutes, technical institutes, higher education institutions, professional organizations, NGOs, associations, foundations, policy makers, private companies

On the occasion of this seminar you will be able to

Participate in numerous conferences and debates, notably on

  • the stakes of food security in the Mediterranean and in Africa;
  • initiatives in Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe and the food issue;
  • public policies and food security in Africa;
  • the means to measure food security in the Mediterranean;
  • the early warning system and risk prevention on the cereal market in the Mediterranean via the Med Amin network;
  • food and nutrition policies in Lebanon;
  • public policies and food in Morocco;
  • food prospects in Senegal.

In the afternoon of 8/11 you will have the opportunity to participate in one of the three thematic workshops on :

  1. Food transition in urban spaces
  2. Eating disorders and diet-related non-communicable diseases 
  3. Nutritional transitions: the place of proteins

Physical involvement in these workshops is limited to a dozen people !  
(Number of places to be confirmed subject to validation by the organizing committee) 

You will be notified by email of your definitive registration to workshop 1, 2 or 3 depending on the available places.
We look forward to seeing you in November 2022.

The KIM Food & Health



marylene.lirvat@umontpellier.fr ; elhadad@iamm.fr ; foued.cheriet@supagro.fr

To remember

  • Date
    November 7,8 and 9, 2022
  • Place
  • Registration
    From 15 June 2022 to 4 November 2022
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